I risked my life for this picture.

I drove an hour away from the nearest town. I had two bottles of water, and for half of the drive, my Honda Accord was struggling to get traction in the dirt.

I also jumped over a 6-foot ravine.

To get this picture.

This photo was taken in Mineral Bottom, Utah.

After an hour of driving and questioning whether or not I was in the right place, I saw this beautiful view.

But - I didn't have the right angle to get a photo worth showing people.

So I walked around a bit.

And I found an angle where I thought I could snap a breathtaking photo.

This angle was on the other side of the previously-mentioned 6-foot ravine.

I knew if I fell into the ravine, I'd at least break a leg or two. I didn't get to measure how tall it was.

I threw my bag with my water bottles and my phone to the other side of the ravine. Both water bottles broke open.

All of my water instantly evaporated on the hot red rock.

I was committed.

My bag was sliding into the ravine, and if I wanted to see my stuff again,

I had to jump.

I took as much of a running start as I could,

and I jumped,

and I landed,

with a lot of margin.

I slammed into a wall of red rock and landed on my bag.

I picked up my water bottles and my bag, found my bearings, and walked a little further to the edge of the cliff.

And I took this picture.

And it was amazing.

I used to always have an appetite for risk.

Fast forward to today, 3 years later, I'm 25, getting married, and looking to move to a new place.


Over the last month I took another risk.

I bought the Everyday Makai brand.

Maybe I'll have more than a photo to show for it down the road.

- Joshua Lin, CEO of Everyday Makai